About Shot Tower Gallery

Welcome to the Shot Tower Gallery

The Shot Tower Gallery, one of the largest and longest running galleries in Central Ohio, was established in 1981 as a part of the renovation of the former 1863 Civil War arsenal into the Fort Hayes Campus visual arts building. Thousands of community visitors, school groups, and Ft. Hayes students visit the gallery annually to view exhibitions and attend related educational programming.

The gallery is regularly cited as having some of the best exhibitions in the community. This year, for example, the Columbus Dispatch and the Columbus Alive publications voted the 2014 exhibition “Dangerous Impermanence: Stephanie Rond” one of the top ten of the year.

Fort Hayes Campus’s mission is to “create expectations of excellence in students” and our strong, long-term partnerships with the best local arts organizations, artists and universities make this possible. We are fortunate to sponsor The ROY G BIV Gallery’s annual Image Ohio Exhibition for the last eleven of its fifteen years. The exhibition work, selected by nationally significant jurors, presents the best of Ohio’s fine arts videographers and photographers, such as the National Guggenheim award winner Ardene Nelson and international film award winners Jennifer Reeder and Michael Strickrod. This exhibition also showcases Ohio’s outstanding university photography and video programs.


Diversity is a very special focus of our gallery. The Arab Alphabet exhibition from the Queens Museum in New York focused on dispelling myths about American Arab youth and our eight Native American exhibitions have included contemporary as well as traditional work.  We have been exhibiting solo and group shows of A.C.E., Art for Community Expressions, for over twenty years and hold annual exhibitions of the Creative Arts of Women and Creative Women of Color.

Internship and Arts and Inter-disciplanary Education

Our Gallery internship program is unique in the country for giving high school students experiences in a professional gallery. Thirty students, per year, are selected to work as interns learning about the day-to-day operations of curators, preparators, artists, public relations professionals and educators. They develop tours for Art, history, and other academic classes and design, promote and assist in hanging an exhibit of the best of their peers in the annual Senior Portfolio Exhibition. A mentorship program established by C.A.W. also provides students an opportunity to work with professional artists with their own work.